Top 5 Essentials To Survive Anime Conventions!

So you're heading out to a Japanese anime convention again, and you want to be prepared, while also looking fiercely kawaii! We know it can be overwhelming -all those people, all the costumes, the heat, the lights, the long waits, the drive! It's important to be prepared to fully cash in on the true con experience! 

1. A kawaii water bottle!

pastel princess bow water bottle with straw fairy kei kawaii babeIt's critical to stay hydrated at any convention since there will be a lot of walking, talking, and excitement! It's easy to get distracted and forget about drinking water! You could end up with a massive dehydration headache, which will effectively spoil all the fun. We recommend getting a super kawaii water bottle like this one to better encourage you to keep drinking those fluids. Plus, you'll be proud of your super sweet water bottle and will want to show it off!

2. Cute but comfy shoes!

pink satin ribbon harajuku wedge platform shoesYou'll likely be doing a lot of walking, and we know how important it is to you that you're looking yoru absolute best, likely embodying a kawaii goddess. Fortunately, there's TONS of kawaii shoe styles that are both comfortable and ergonomic, while still being outrageously adorable and on trend! We personally recommend shoes with a full wedge like these pink satin platform shoes, since it takes the pressure off the pads of your feet. If added height isn't your style, we also recommend some cute pastel fairy-kei inspired sneakers like these. 

3. A backpack, not a purse!

kawaii harajuku bunny ear backpack book bag rucksack by kawaii babe harajuku fashion storeYou're going to want to carry a lot of essentials with you such as cosplay fixeruppers like bobby pins and a sewing kit, make-up, snacks, cash, your kawaii water bottle, and more! Nothing can put a damper on yoru fun than having to carry around a purse by hand. You need BOTH hands to fully enjoy the anime convention experience! We recommend sporting a super but very spacious backpack like this for a practical yet kawaii take on essential storage! 

4. Your craziest make-up artillery!

glitter explosion bomb palette kawaii make up gyaruA convention is a perfect time to let loose and bust out some of your craziest make-up styles and show your true colors. Whether it's a gothic look, a traditional gyaru look, or a glitter explosion like with this glitter bomb palette, keep you options open and pack more make-up than you would on a usual everyday outing! It's time to experiment and go wild and show your adventurous side! 

5. Badass shades!

crystallized crystal sunglassesWhether it's winter or summer, the sun can still be harsh and the last thing you want is to  be squinting while trying to admire those gorgeous cosplays surrounding you! Pick up a rad pari of shades like these crystal shades to protect your eyes AND have you looking fiercely kawaii! We also recommend these cute candy colored John Lennon inspired shades here. 

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Thank you i love the ideas! This is so handy! :3

KawaiiGirl November 01, 2022

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