Creating a Kawaii Look in Your Home

If you've perfected your own kawaii look and want to spread the kawaii love throughout your home but don't know how, we've put together a few ideas for you! Don't be afraid to break some rules and have fun with your home decor. 

1. Make Your Bedroom Kawaii

Your bedroom is a space that should be all about YOU. Wrap up in some kawaii bedding for a blissful sleep. For extra kawaiiness, get snuggled up in some cute nightwear. For those of you with a somewhat stranger sense of humour, you could also add some poop emoji cushions to your bedroom.  


2.Accessories Every Day! 

At Kawaii Babe, we LOVE accessories! Whether they be phone cases, selfie sticks, earrings, bracelets and more, we just cannot get enough! Why stop at accessorizing yourself? Go ahead and spread the love throughout your home. Sipping your drinks (alcoholic or otherwise... Hehe!) through kawaii tumblers will make them taste so much better.


3. Get Lit

Lamps throughout different areas of the home really help create a beautiful and calming setting. If you're going to invest in a lamp and you're a Kawaii Babe, only the sweetest lamp will do, won't it? 


4. Toys

Kawaii Babes are NEVER too old for plush toys. Who agrees? These little fluffy delights make any home feel so kawaii and are the best things to cuddle up to. It's a win-win situation. The only issue is that there are too many kawaii plush toys to choose from... We'll take all of them! 


Which ways do you keep your home feeling and looking kawaii? Let us know in the comments so we can all create some cute home decor! 






I have a ton of plushies but everything in my room is different. I can’t figure out how to make my room kawaii.

Sara Dillon November 01, 2022

In my room I have a bunk bed that i share with my sister so i have to go a little with her style too, my bed is the top bunk which has a bunch of plushies by my pillow, my favorite kawaii plush are the big sized ones make fantastic pillows! you will never want to get up! I also have a lps comforter with two other blankets under it, my dresser has a could self over it with my fav mangas a squishy journal and on top an ice cream lamp a hello kitty clock and a couple of plushies. thats how I get the most comfort at night!

Sakura Momoka November 26, 2019

Very beautiful decoration tips. thanks !! dibujos kawaii

dibujos kawaii June 10, 2019

My bedroom is a mixture of cute vintage, kawaii and anime! I specifically use pusheen decor and plushies, my favourite anime’s and a bunch of other kawaii things. Collecting for many years has done my room justice!

KawaiiObsessed January 12, 2018

I have a weird aesthetic, it’s like kawaii, 40’s, Asian bar/lounge. I hang up vintage posters and prints, I have embroidered mint curtains, adorable vintage dishes and kitchen items, cartoon and vintage bedding- I could go on all day, I love decorating my house!

Junko January 07, 2018

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