How To Survive Valentine’s Day Single

Embrace Valentine’s day this year as the strong, independent, and beautiful individual that you absolutely are! We thought we’d give you some unique and specific ideas to really nourish your independence and pamper yourself, because you deserve it no less than anyone else today, and everyday!


Self-care is SO important, and there’s no better time to remind ourselves of this fact than on a traditional couples pampering day like Valentine’s. Today is a day you should give yourself full permission to indulge and go heavy on the self-care. Couples like to shower each-other with gifts like jewelry, chocolates, romantic baths, and champagne… so what’s stopping you from indulging in all those pleasures today as well? You don’t need someone to share those things with to fully enjoy them. And if you really think you do, then there’s deeper issues that need to be worked on, which means self-care is even MORE important for your individual beingness! You can truly recreate all those incredible feelings couples are experiencing today, within yourself – it just takes letting go of your pride and really exploring yourself!


We recommend wearing something very comfortable today but also something that makes you feel like a truly pampered princess, like this gorgeous soft fur-lined princess dress. Put on some cute make-up just for YOURSELF today and don’t even consider what anyone else will think.  Do your eye-make up in a way that makes YOU feel sexy, but you always worried how it might “turn out” or “appear to others”. Maybe slick on some of this ironically penis-shaped sultry red lip color! Do whatever YOU feel like doing and don’t think twice about anyone else’s thoughts or opinions today!


Spend the day indulging in your favorite foods! Order in if you can so you can take a break from cooking and dishes. It will be worth the extra few bucks for the peace of mind.


Relax in a warm bubble bath, drink some chamomile tea, and put on some cozy and cute pajamas at night like these ultra soft rilakkuma bear themed ones. Embrace your inner child today, when times were simple and all that mattered was your own well-being, because guess what? That’s still all that REALLY matters. Take care of yourself first, and the rest will follow effortlessly.


Do you still feel like you’re craving intimacy with another person? Take this opportunity to really get intimate with yourself. We promise it’s not only possible, but SO incredibly important to get truly in touch with yourself and explore your sexuality on your own. You can have equally fulfilling experiences by yourself as you can with a partner, we are just so conditioned to think that a partner is the only true way to be satisfied, and that is a tragedy!


Put on some sexy lingerie that YOU feel good in, like this gorgeous lace and bow embellished bodysuit and get to know yourself. See what REALLY makes you feel sexy, not what you think others would perceive as sexy. Take notes about what actually feels good to you, and what you might just be doing because it’s a “habit” or cultural norm. Take this time to really explore yourself and treat yourself to some intimate pampering, and be honest with yourself. The benefits of this simple self-care and attention practice will extend far beyond the bedroom!


Most importantly, do what makes you feel good now AND later. This means gently considering the after-effects of your pampering choices. If eating a whole box of chocolates will eventually make you feel guilty, bloated, and in pain, then don’t do it. If having a handful of chocolate will make you feel satiated and cause no ill effects, then savour every delicious morsel. Take this opportunity to source out experiences and indulgences that don’t have a downside. Find things that truly nourish and pamper you without a price to pay later. Self-care is about improving your well-being long term, and not just experiencing fleeting pleasure that will leave you feeling worse later.


From all of us here at Kawaii Babe, we are sending you SO much love this Valentines day, unconditionally and with the utmost sincerity! YOU are so special, and you deserve your own full attention and self-indulgence, always!


Stay Kawaii, you beautiful independent babes!


Hehe you make a lot of sense… I like to lose myself with art and draw kawaii stuff!

Actually, this post inspired me to draw something (design is on my site:

Kawaii till I dieii~

Ojousama March 21, 2018

Thank you for your advice. I feel much more confident in spending a day to myself than feeling sad and lonely.

Amber Phillips February 13, 2018

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