How To Be Kawaii

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1. Throw race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, religion, body shape, and everything you can't control out the window! It doesn't matter. Kawaii style is about embracing your beautiful self and is not dictated by the color of your skin, your size, or anything that you can't change about yourself!

2. Be sweet, kind, and empathetic. Kawaii babes have positive attitudes that everyone loves. Being kawaii is more than just dressing cute, it's about BEING someone people identify as a sweet, kind, and adorable person. Looking attractive or having good style means nothing when your attitude is crap! 

3. Dress adorably! Kawaii babes dress in the sweetest and cutest clothing they can find. Think sweet ruffles, frills, lolita dresses, pastel colors, bloomer shorts,  suspender skirts, and dungarees! Anything that makes you feel vibrant, youthful, and adorable! Shopping at stores like Kawaii Babe is a fantastic start on your journey to true kawaii style!

4. Do kawaii make-up! Kawaii make-up is all about looking innocent and clean, with a rosy glow. Think  bright pink blush just under your eyes, shimmery highlighter, clean winged eyeliner that makes your eyes look bigger, and pink sparkly lip gloss!

Look into gyaru make-up styles. Sexy make-up, does not typically work when trying to achieve a truly kawaii look. So don't do smoky eyes or dark red lips - this will clash with the aesthetic you're trying to achieve.

5. Consider circle lenses! Circle contact lenses really enlarge your eyes and make them resemble the beautifully big eyes of kawaii anime girls! There's tons of styles and shapes and colors to choose from! 

6. Have your nails be an extension of your kawaiiness! Your nails are a great opportunity to express your adorable nature. A lot of kawaii babes use rhinestones and sparkly jewels on their nails to really add charm and appeal.  But, a fresh and clean french manicure always works well too! If you bite your nails, consider experimenting with some fake nails for fun! 

7. Have youthful hair! Think of the traditional hairstyles of a young child - pigtails, headbands, bows, and braids are all great examples of kawaii hairstyles that work with almost any kawaii look. You can also experiment with fun colors without the committment by wearing realistic wigs made of quality kanekalon fibre. They can even be heat styles. We suggested these wigs for ultimate kawaiiness

8. Gain inspiration from anime!  Japanese anime and manga is a great place to gain inspiration for kawaii looks and aesthetics.Magical girl, or mahou shoujo anime, is definitely the best style of anime to gain insight into kawaii looks and styles. 

9. Have kawaii role models! Look around online for some cute K-Pop or J-pop role models. Often they have very kawaii style and you can gain incredible insight into traditional kawaii looks by replicating their style, outfits, hair, mannerisms, and more


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  • I don’t think I’m quite cute enough to be kawaii…but I’ll still try my absolute hardest! I want to be kawaii more than anything else in the world.

    Mattison on
  • Haiiii this really made me happy because I am kawaii af I live in uk so when I go to Glasgow the first place I go is my manga store 😃 I just bought loads of kawaii stuff yesterday and my rooms getting a makeover next week 😃

    Sophie 💛 on
  • Hi there what’s up ? I am in hallsville , Texas I
    USA . Any way I’m bimale cross dresser and I love your out fits super cute. Any way all trying to be the cutes girl I can. But I could be doing better if a little help from some
    Friends. Hope every one has a good day

    Timothy Elliott on
  • I love this tutorial, and I’m trying to use it, but I don’t know if the stuff I have is kawaii or not. This is hard!
    But still, I love the tutorial!

    Chibi Chibi Chii on
  • Thank you! I love the kawaii style and this helps me know how to accessorize

    CraftyKitty on

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