Kawaii Makeup Styles

Kawaii makeup trends are as flexible as Kawaii Fashion itself. Looks created by using makeup can reflect the individual, the event, and the outfit/overall look desired. However, unless a Kawaii Babe is taking part in cosplay, you’ll probably notice that Kawaii makeup is often simple, yet effective. Makeup is usually not the focal point, so that the focus is left to the awesome outfit.

Although the outfits often overshadow the makeup, this isn’t always the case, and even when it is, Kawaii girls still spend time creating cute looks with makeup. Below are some tips on how to create a cute look with minimal effort!


Create a Theme

You may want to create an overall statement or look. If this is the case, fit your makeup into it. For example, if you want to look like a pretty doll, think about how a cute doll would look (curly hair, rosy cheeks, big eyes) and use hair and makeup to finish off your Kawaii look! You could want lots of contrasts in your outfit, if so, wear a coloured eye shadow or mascara that clashes (but works with Kawaii style) with your outfit.


Keep it Simple

If you want the focal point of your look to be your clothes and accessories, keep your makeup simple. Look after your skin to keep it looking and feeling healthy, then use a touch of lipstick for a pop of colour. Keeping your makeup simple will look super Kawaii and fresh.


Accessories are Key

Your cute makeup products need a kawaii place to live. The great thing about a kawaii makeup bag is that not only will they make you happy when you look at it, it also adds cuteness to your outfit. Everyone will love your sweet accessories and it will make topping up your makeup throughout the day a little more fun!


Rock Confidence

Ladies with Kawaii style don’t care about what people think. Whilst that may be difficult at times, once you feel confident in not caring about what some consider ‘’fashion norms’’, you’ll be rocking the Kawaii style! Once you look and feel great, make sure you get a few selfies of your Kawaii-ness, and don’t forget to give your phone some Kawaii love too!


Although many girls who want to look cute opt for minimal makeup a lot of the time, don't be afraid to let your personality shine through. There really are no rules! If you want to paint a full face of makeup with some of the latest looks posted all over MUA Instagram accounts, whilst wearing a Lolita dress - do it! If you want to only wear a few bits and bobs, that’s fine too.


Enjoy playing with Kawaii makeup, ladies!

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