Japanese Fashion Trends from 2017

We all love Harajuku and Kawaii styles, right? But, what are the latest trends from 2017? From Catwalk to street style, we've compiled a list of our top looks.

1. Leather 

Leather is timeless in the fashion world, and Japanese fashion is no different. Leather is fantastic for creating multiple looks, whether they be dark and mysterious, or fun and kawaii. For people who have ethical concerns regarding leather, vegan leather is increasingly popular and can help us all keep up with the latest Japanese fashion trends.  

2. Black 

Black is a classic look, and one that you can feel comfortable wearing at all times! Kawaii babes worldwide know that black can still be cute, yet people often associate cuteness with bright colours. This isn't true when black produces some of the cutest accessories going. Kawaii gals will also look great in full black kawaii outfits! Black isn't boring. It's fun and we love it. 

3. Accessories

Everyone knows that Japan is one of the world leaders in technology. This technology ranges from computers to robots, smartphones, and more. Fashion doesn't stop at the latest cute dress, it's shown through accessories too. Let cute phone accessories be a part of your look and you'll be extra kawaii.

4. Amazing Coats

If you've watched any Japanese dramas or been following Japanese fashion on social media, you've probably noticed how beautiful some of the latest coat styles are in Japan. What's great is that if you want a cuter look, there are some wonderfully warm and kawaii coats available. Keep warm the kawaii way! Yay!


What's your favourite Japanese fashion look? Whatever it is, rock it and be happy!

Let us know your favourite looks below! x

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