Harajuku Fashion: Is It Dead?

What is Harajuku Fashion?

Harajuku style is a fun and popular way to play with fashion in Japan and the rest of the world, but what does it mean to have Harajuku Style?

Harajuku fashion has been around since before the early 1980’s. It’s more than one of Gwen Stefani’s song lyrics and it’s here to stay! Like any other fashion style, Harajuku styles change, sub-genres are born, and the attitudes of fashionistas change. That being said, Harajuku fashion styles have always been, and will always be about rocking the style you love without the fear of judgement, and most importantly about having fun!

There’s been a lot of talk over the last few months about Harajuku Fashion being dead. This is simply untrue.

Whilst certain Harajuku fashionistas want to obtain a certain ‘’look’’, on the whole, we need to reevaluate how we actually classify Harajuku style, in order to realize that Harajuku style is constantly growing.

Harajuku fashion and style is about how the wearer feels, it’s a way of expressing their creativity and feelings, rather than about obtaining a certain appearance. Therefore, if we consider Harajuku fashion in 2017 as a way of expression, it’s clear to see that Harajuku trends are very much alive and thriving.

Today’s generation throughout the world are more expressive about their opinions and feelings now more than ever; the street style of Harajuku and surrounding areas just choose to express these feelings a little more visually through anything from Kawaii earrings to Gothic Lolita dresses. Of course, that isn’t to say that similar looks are not created amongst wearers, because they are. When people of similar mindsets come together to express their creative sides, they develop ideas alongside each other, which is often when visual styles and genres are born. These genres include Fairy Kei, Cosplay, and more. 

If you’re a lover of all things Harajuku, keep on rocking that style. Be you, own your look, and stay sassy!

Harajuku fashion trends are going nowhere!

What's your personal Kawaii/Harajuku style? We'd love to know!


Hi ! I love harajuku style alot !!!!! Even tho I don’t have alot of harajuku stuff ( just pastel and neko wear as in ears, no dresses tho), I still want to continue to Express the way I am through harajuku and being kawaii ♡♡♡

Chenoa November 01, 2022

This makes me more inspired to go out in public in my lolita dresses and just be free! Plus this shop is so cute, adorable and also affordable! I’m suggesting it to all my friends!

Erin Cameron November 26, 2017

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