Vinyl Princess Jumpsuit

$39.99 $49.99
  • It's all about the aesthetic baby, with this shimmering holographic material that glistens and shines in the light! 
  • This stunning vinyl holographic suspender overall jumper dress is a must have for any fashion vixen with a love for shine and shimmer! 
  • Made of high quality vegan PU  material with a shiny holographic latex look!
  • Choose from a radiant blue/purple, yellow, white, or black to suit you rpersonal fashion aesthetic!
  • Sizes small through large. Size up and always measure first!
Tag No. Adult Recommended Size Waist Length(excluded shoulder straps)
S Small 27.0-31.5"/68-80cm 28.0"/71cm
M Medium 28.0-33.0"/72-84cm 28.0"/72cm
L Large 30.0-35.0"/76-88cm 29.0"/73cm


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