Steampunk Gear Skirt

$69.99 $99.99


  • A superior quality high-waisted steampunk renaissance skirt! True to the style of the victorian era.
  • Gorgeous quality gear print with contrasting black and brown stripes.
  • Luxurious corset back, and sweet ruffles along the bottom.
  • This skirt is sure to impress! Available in plus sizes up to 4XL! 
  • Eat your heart out dieselpunks!

Size                       Waist(with elastic)

  • XS                    48cm-64cm
  •    S                   52cm-70cm
  •    M                   56cm-74cm
  •     L                  60cm-78cm 
  •  XL                   64cm-82cm
  • XXL                 68cm-86cm
  • XXXL               72cm-90cm 
  • 4XL                 74cm-94cm 

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