Furry Bunny Ear Phone Case

$19.99 $29.99
  • This soft to the touch furry 3d bunny ear phone cases are absolutely guaranteed to score you compliments, and feel amazing in your hand!
  • Made of high quality 3D silicon soft rubber to protect your phone from nasty drops and falls, plus extra padding from the fur!
  • Includes a bow, two rabbit ears, and a fuzzy pom pom tail!
  • Diamond encrusted rhinestone jewels all around the camera hole! 
  • These kawaii phone cases are available in a several delightful colors to suit any fashion aesthetic outfit! 
  • Available in many models and sizes for Apple iPhones & Android Cases!  

*The blue bow in one of the pictures is NOT included. It's just a hair barrette! (You can add one yourself if you want!)

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