Shadow Blossom Cropped Sports Jacket

  • Unleash your inner rebel with our Shadow Blossom Cropped Sports Jacket!
  • Get ready to rock the pastel goth look with its pink and black color scheme.
  • The pink fuzzy sleeves will make you feel like you're hugging cotton candy while looking effortlessly cool.
  • The asymmetrical neckline adds a touch of edginess and modernity to this cheeky pullover design.
  • Distressed edges give it that perfect worn-in look, perfect for those who love a little grit in their style.
  • Made from vegan materials, this jacket is cruelty-free and perfect for the ethically conscious fashionista.
  • Inspired by traditional sports jerseys, it brings a nostalgic touch of the 90s vibes to your alternative wardrobe.
  • Channel your inner Y2K queen and embrace the alternative fashion scene with this must-have jacket.
  • Get ready to turn heads and make a statement with the Shadow Blossom Cropped Sports Jacket, your key to edgy, alternative fashion!
  •  S         Shoulder: 57cm   Bust: 102cm    Length: 37.5cm    Sleeve: 49cm   
  • M         Shoulder: 59cm   Bust: 106cm    Length: 39cm    Sleeve: 51cm  
  • L          Shoulder: 61cm   Bust: 110cm    Length: cm    Sleeve: 53cm   



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