Baby Bear Romper Dress

  • This precious hooded suspender corduroy baby rilakkuma bear jumper is made of high-quality thick cord material, with adjustable suspender straps and adorable baby bear ears on the large flowing cowl hood.
  • You'll feel like a youthful kawaii princess in this gorgeous little jumper dress!
  • Embrace your youthful side and sport this instantly cute complete outfit!
  • Inspired by traditional corded coveralls from your youth, with a kawaii twist. 
  • The oversized large hood adds charm and makes you feel so smol & cute!
  • Available in 3 lovely sizes!


  • S      Skirts Length  43 cm         Strap Full Length   58 cm        Waist   69  cm  
  • M     Skirts Length   44   cm      Strap Full Length   59 cm        Waist   73  cm   
  •      Skirts Length  45   cm       Strap Full Length   60 cm        Waist   76  cm   

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