Space Travel Lolita Dress

$69.99 $89.99


  • This outerspace alien inspired JSK lolita dress is the perfect pattern for princesses with a love for all things out of this world! 
  • Featuring aliens, spaceships, galaxies and stars, this majestic space-age lolita dress is truly enchanting!
  • Blast off to the stars princess, you were made for interplanetary adventures in this milky pastel dress! 
  • Featuring 4 stunning color palettes with a chiffon and lace trim to top of this intergalactic space masterpiece. 
  • This print features a kawaii kitten manning an alien spacecraft, landing on the moon, amidst a starry backdrop and other galactic objects! 
  • This kawaii spaceship lolita dress has so many gorgeous details, you'll want to gaze at it for days! 
  • This stunning alien-inspired lolita dress looks beautiful with or without a petticoat, but a fluffy petticoat skirt will add some serious kawaii impact!! 
  • Does not include the long sleeve shirt under it - just the lolita dress! (Shirt sold seperately)
  • Available in one size that has a stretch panel on the backside to accommodate multiple sizes. Please MEASURE before ordering to ensure it will fit you! 
  • Dress Length: 92cm, Chest Circumference: Up to 92cm

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