Genuine Princess Corsets - Up To 6XL

  • These genuine fully boned tummy slimming princess corsets will make you feel like a new woman with a beautiful hourglass figure!
  • With high quality materials, ultra-supportive boning, gorgeous fabrics and patterns, the choices are endless!
  • One thing is for certain: you will not be disappointed in this authentic waist-training corset.
  • Not only is it stunning to wear, but it can even train your belly over time just like a regular waist trainer, with the added bonus of being drop-dead gorgeous to wear!
  • Strong silk ribbon laced up the entire backside is kawaii and eye-catching! With aesthetic corseting across the front.
  • Beautiful enchanted kingdom princess inspired ruffled sleeves and brocade square neckline!
  • Highly supportive boning so there is no need for a bra! (This is next level support ;) ) 
  • Available in plus sizes up to 6XL!! Highly adjustable, but size up when in doubt. 



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