Creepy Panda Winter Coat

$69.99 $89.99
  • This creepy cute winter jacket is inspired the fairy kei, pastel goth, and menhera kei cultures of Japan!
  • With cute little bat-wings and an eyepatch and stitches, it both freaky and kawaii - our favorite combo!  💖 
  •  With a sweet candy colored pastel theme reminiscent of classic fairy-kei fashion or pastel goth fashion if you choose the black jacket, this coat will be scoring you compliments every single day!
  • It's both warm enough for cold winter months, but lightweight enough to wear on a chilly summer evening.
  • It's not too bulky to give you more versatility on when you want to wear it. Because we're pretty sure you're going to want to wear it A LOT!  ;) 
  • Available in pink, black or lavender purple. 
  • In one convenient mid-size that fits a traditional US ladies size XS - Medium best!
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