Strawberry Girl Hoodie

$49.99 $59.99
  • This adorable strawberry anime girl hoodie is made of soft material, and in the sweetest pastel shade of pink! Super kawaii! 
  • You'll really feel like a fancy princess straight outta Harajuku with this perfectly pastel hoodie with cute strawberry embellished drawstrings! 
  • Inspired by pastel and fairy-kei fashion!
  • Snuggly warm hood adds charm and keeps you cozy!
  • Perfect for embracing your cute and little side while being cozy and warm!
  • Available in one size that fits like a medium. Measure first before ordering.
  • Bust:115cm Length:55cm Shoulder:57cm Sleeve:51cmFree Shipping Worldwide International Delivery Satisfaction Guarantee Secure Checkout Kawaii Babe 

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