Tiny Kitten Boba Plush

$29.99 $39.99
  • Adorable Design: Fall in love with the Tiny Kitten Boba Plush, featuring a kawaii kitten face nestled atop a vibrant pastel blue bubble tea cup. Its sweet expression and tiny paws peeking over the rim are sure to capture hearts!

  • Perfect Size: This charming plush measures an ideal 18x7cm, making it the perfect companion for cozy snuggles or to display in any kawaii or fairy-kei themed space.

  • Soft and Cuddly: Crafted from the softest materials, this plush is not just cute but also incredibly huggable, making it a great stuffed animal for both kids and adults to cherish.

  • Vibrant Pastel Palette: Embrace the essence of fairy-kei with its delightful pastel shades that add a pop of color and cuteness to your surroundings.

  • Unique Bubble Tea Twist: Combining the love for cats and boba, this plush takes the form of a bubble tea cup, complete with adorable "bubbles" that are tastefully integrated into the design.

  • Collectible Item: Inspired by niachamao, this plush is a must-have for enthusiasts and collectors of unique, high-quality kawaii merchandise.

  • Perfect Gift: A fantastic gift for anyone who adores cute aesthetics, cats, or boba. This kitten boba plush is bound to be a hit for birthdays, holidays, or just because!


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