Animal Kigurumi Jumpers

$39.99 $59.99
  • These adorable footy full bodysuit kigurumi costumes are the perfect way to get into little space and have some fun!
  • Embody a unicorn , your favorite character, or a kawaii animal! Tons of choices and sizes to choose from! 
  • Made of quality materials, these jumper onesies are a must have in every little one's closet! Perfect for rainy day fun, or even to wear as a pajamas, or to a convention!
  • These are ADULT sized, however we do have access to children's sizes if you want to order a matching one for your son or daughter! :) (Just send us a message with your order to let us know what size in youth clothing you'd like) 
Sizing based on height:
S:  144-153cm (Height)
M: 154-163cm (Height)
L:   164-173cm (Height)
XL: 174-183cm (Height)

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