Baby Doll Heels

$59.99 $79.99
  • These gorgeous chunky square heel baby doll heels are the perfect addition to any kawaii little space outfit!
  • Made of quality materials, with secure buckles, vegan leather, and a comfortable square heel that's easy to walk in!
  • Available in several classic colors from pastel pink to jet black!
  • Available in sizes all the way up to US size 11 (ladies).
  • Sizing guide:
  • US4.5=EUR35 Fit Feet 22.5cm
  • US5.5=EUR36 Fit Feet 23cm
  • US6.5=EUR37 Fit Feet 23.5cm
  • US7.0=EUR38 Fit Feet 24cm
  • US8.0=EUR39 Fit Feet 24.5cm
  • US8.5=EUR40 Fit Feet 25cm
  • US9.5=EUR41 Fit Feet 25.5cm
  • US10=EUR42 Fit Feet 26cm

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