Bring in 2018 the Kawaii Way!

2017 is coming to a close; how will you say goodbye to the year and hello to 2018? 

At Kawaii Babe, we want to start off 2018 in true Kawaii Babe style - through cute and fun fashion. How exactly are we going to do this? Below are some of our resolutions: 

  • Embrace our own style - whether it's fairy kei, goth, Lolita, none of them, or a mix - we just want to be ourselves and embrace the styles we love. 
  • Do something that makes us smile every day. 
  • Clear out our wardrobes for a clearer mind. Seriously, it helps! If you haven't worn something in a while and you think you probably won't wear it again, throw it away! Better still, donate it to charity. 
  • Try new styles, designs and colours - creating new looks is SO MUCH FUN. 
  • Don't fall for any silly trends. (We know some fashion trends are hot and fun to play around with. However, no one thinks that when an embarrassing picture pops up on Facebook's memory feature). 
  • Try out new kawaii makeup and beauty products and looks. It's amazing how creating a new makeup look you wouldn't usually create can change your whole outfit and overall look, making you feel confident and fabulous!

How about your resolutions for 2018? Do you have any? Let us know in the comments below!


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